Terms and conditions of ordering guitar at Druzkowski guitars

You can choose one of the presented models (at this moment Draco 6,7 or Fenix 6,7,8 ) or order a custom instrument tailormade to your specyfications.

Please fill in the form located below, with all necesarry information regarding your guitar and send it for a quote.
If you don't know all details, please send a message with more overal description eg. type of music you wish to play using the instrument etc.

The final price of the instrument is based on the spec provided by you. The price does not include postage or, in case of foreign order, any taxes.

Should you accept the offer  you need to send 25% deposit to our bank account which will be provided accordingly.

If there is an instrument for sale,  the whole amount is payable upfront or in agreed installments. The guitar, however,  will be delivered to you after the ballance is clear.

Based on your description and/or sketches I am preparing detailed  visuals, including  hardware and electronics. Designing process should usually take up to two weeks after receiving deposit.  Once you are happy with it, I am starting working on the instrument.  By that stage the deposit is unrefudable.

Any  changes (geometry, shape, elecronic, hardware, etc),  after the instrument is being built, will be chargeable of around 10% of original price. Subject to possibility. Timescale at this moment is around 6 months from finished design to completion of the instrument, and is based on parts and wood availability.

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