During NAMM2018 There was a premier of the newest guitar from Druzkowski guitars : OKTANE
The instrument is an 8 string, headless, multiscale guitar. 
It is made in neck through body /sat neck construction.
Neck consists of 13 pieces, to get the best balance between strength, resistance, twist and to offer great sound response.
In the presented example, theneck consist of: walnut, maple, mahogany and sycamore splices. 
This, however, could be change subject to individual spec or need.
The top is a mango and body wings are made of swamp ash. Below the bridge and pickups there is a mahogany tone block.
Ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets were used on the neck. There are eight individual  bridges and locking nuts from T4M . 
Pickups are EMG 808 
The instrument is finished in oil and wax 

If you are interested in ordering OKTANE please send a message for a quote to :info@druzkowskiguitars.eu
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